How is UCLA handling laboratory animals?

Research labs are expected to care for animals that are approved to be held in their labs and to conduct essential animal research. Research labs may contact the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine for help with these activities with the caveat that basic animal care and animal health are priorities.

According to the DLAM website, husbandry and animal health technicians are considered essential staff; the unit is staffed at 80% to 90% and is able to provide basic animal care and clinical care for all animals currently housed on campus. In addition, the division’s pharmacy remains open and can be reached at

The DLAM website also provides tips for maintaining safe physical distance among research personnel and DLAM staff while animal research is underway. Before working alone in labs and procedure rooms, consider notifying your colleagues of the following:

  • Where you’ll be (building and room numbers).
  • What procedures you’ll be performing. 
  • When you plan to start work and when you anticipate finishing.
  • How they can reach you in an emergency. 

In addition, be sure to know how you can reach your colleagues in case you experience an emergency or other urgent situation while working alone. Additional information concerning laboratory animal research at UCLA may be found at the UCLA Animal Research Committee website.

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