The Symptom Monitoring Survey is no longer required

As of Aug. 16, 2022, completion of the daily symptom monitoring survey is no longer required for those living, learning or working on the UCLA campus or at other UCLA properties. Clearances previously obtained through the survey are no longer necessary to access classrooms, workspaces or other facilities or to enter events on campus.

Instead, individuals are asked to assess themselves for COVID-19 symptoms. If you do have symptoms, please refrain from coming to campus, attending classes and/or leaving your residence; you should take a COVID test, isolate and, if the results come back positive, contact UCLA campus health officials.

The Symptom Monitoring Survey has now been modified and repurposed as the new UCLA COVID-19 Action Center.

Using the UCLA COVID-19 Action Center

The UCLA COVID-19 Action Center is housed on the same platform as the former Symptom Monitoring Survey and, like the survey, is accessible both online and through the UCLA Mobile app, which is downloadable on the App Store and Google Play Store.

With the UCLA COVID-19 Action Center, users can:

In addition, users can use the COVID-19 Action Center to update their data privacy settings and access the latest on UCLA’s COVID protocols.

Recommended COVID-19 resources

For journalists

UCLA faculty members are available for interviews with news media on a wide range of topics related to COVID-19, including public health and epidemiology, virology and vaccines, mental health, education, law, politics and the economy.

UCLA COVID-19 experts UCLA COVID-19 news stories

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