Completing the Symptom Monitoring Survey

The daily survey is required of everyone* living, learning or working on the UCLA campus or at other UCLA properties — and must be completed before arriving at work or class.

The brief web-based form can be filled out on a computer, tablet or smartphone; similarly, it can be completed using the UCLA Mobile app, which is downloadable through the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Fully remote employees and students: Update your status one time within the system to indicate you are fully remote and will not need to complete the survey.

Hybrid employees: Employees working a hybrid schedule should complete the survey only on the days they will be working on campus.

COVID-19 Clearance Portal: Verifying clearance status

After completing the survey, you can view your symptom monitoring clearance status by checking the portal:

In addition, supervisors and department chairs should check the portal daily to verify the clearance status of staff and faculty who report to them, and instructors should do so to verify the clearance status of the students in their course.

Beyond daily clearance status, the portal shows shows individuals’ compliance status with UC’s vaccination policy and with campus surveillance testing requirements.

Clearance certificate

COVID-19 Clearance Certificate: After successfully completing the survey, you can access your daily clearance certificate through the clearance portal using either the web or the UCLA Mobile app. This certificate — which you should be prepared to show either digitally or in hard copy — serves as your daily “entry pass” to campus facilities, venues and events.

Note: There is no longer a need for a separate “events and venues” certificate for campus restaurants and venues like gyms, theaters and art museums.

If you do not clear the symptom survey

If you are denied clearance, follow the instructions given to you by the survey, your supervisor or your department chair, including contacting the applicable UCLA hotline.

  • Students: Ashe COVID Hotline — 310-206-6217
  • Faculty and staff: COVID Call Center — 310-267-3300

*Others who must complete the surveyVisitors to on-campus housing facilities, all guest lecturers, vendors, third-party contract workers, external parties participating in programs or trainings, and other invited guests must complete the survey each day they are planning to be on campus.

Recommended COVID-19 resources

For journalists

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