Organized events are allowed on campus and do not have capacity limits or distancing restrictions The guidance below applies to events and gatherings including (but not limited to) celebrations, lectures, forums, performances, rallies, social gatherings, concerts, speaker presentations and conferences. It does not apply to academic classes, research activities or normal, daily campus operations.

Note: Separate guidance is available for UCLA athletic events.

Event entry requirements

Face masks: Masking is not required but is strongly recommended at all indoor campus events. Masking is optional outdoors but is recommended when in large crowds or at events where physical distancing is not feasible.

Optional clearance checks: Campus event organizers no longer need to check attendees’ vaccination or COVID-19 test status, although such checks are still recommended. If they choose, organizers can ask for proof of COVID-19 vaccination (PDF) or proof of a negative test (PDF), using Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recommendations as a guideline.

However, if organizers do decide to implement pre-entry checks for events hosted by their school, department, unit or organization, they must implement these checks consistently and equitably for all events — they cannot require a higher standard for only certain events.

Recommendations: Event organizers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the LACDPH’s best practices for smaller events and for mega-events — those with 1,000 or more attendees indoors or 10,000 outdoors.

Food and drink at departmental events

Eating and drinking are highly discouraged at indoor departmental events. If organizers do plan to serve food and drinks indoors, they should consider reserving a room that is oversized for the number of guests and make sure that attendees who are not up to date on their vaccinations maintain a 6-foot distance from others when removing their masks to eat or drink.

Alternatively, such events can be held at campus restaurants, dining halls or formal catering venues. Yet even in these situations, venue managers should consider moving the event outdoors, either fully or partially.

Further details

Note: This protocol does not apply to events held in UCLA Health hospitals or clinical spaces, which must follow protocols of UCLA Health for events and gatherings.

For more information on UCLA’s campus event guidance, see:

Recommended COVID-19 resources

For journalists

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