Complete the daily symptom monitoring survey

Daily symptom monitoring is required for all students, faculty, staff and others (including guest lecturers and laboratory volunteers) who are living, learning or working on campus or at other UCLA properties, regardless of their vaccination status. The survey must be completed before coming to campus or arriving at class.

The brief form can be filled out on a smartphone, tablet or computer (and can now be accessed through the UCLA Mobile app, available on the App Store and the Google Play Store).

Fully remote employees: Employees working fully remotely must update their status one time within the system to indicate to indicate they are fully remote as soon as possible.

Hybrid employees: Employees working a hybrid schedule should complete the survey only on the days when they will be working in person.

Invited guests and third-party contractors: All guest lecturers, vendors, third-party contract workers, external parties participating in trainings or programs, and other invited guests defined as “covered non-affiliates” in the UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Policy must complete the survey before coming to campus.

Verifying clearance status: COVID-19 Clearance Portal

After completing the survey, students, faculty and staff can view their symptom monitoring clearance status on the COVID-19 Clearance Portal and can directly access their COVID-19 Clearance Certificate. Individuals may be asked to present their certificate or to log into the portal as proof of completion when necessary. Both can be accessed through the web or the UCLA Mobile app.

Certain members of faculty and staff should check the clearance portal daily to verify the status of their students or staff and faculty who report to them.

  • Supervisors and department chairs
    Required to verify staff and faculty clearance daily.  
  • Instructors
    Instructors of record for each class section can verify the clearance status of students enrolled in their section. If students are not cleared or no survey was found, those students should not be attending class in person.
  • Event, store and building managers
    Managers may ask for a symptom monitoring clearance certificate from UCLA affiliates before allowing them into a building or an event when the manager is unable to directly access that information.  

Please refer to these tip sheets for more information about the portal and how to use it: 

COVID-19 Clearance Portal: Updated features

In addition to showing clearance status based on the daily symptom monitoring, the COVID-19 Clearance Portal has been updated to also show compliance status with the UC COVID-19 Vaccination Policy (PDF) for all students, faculty and staff. Individuals will be able to view their own compliance status, and supervisors and instructors will be able to view the compliance status of students and those who report directly to them.

More information on the campus’s symptom monitoring protocol is available in the UCLA Summary of COVID-19 Public Health Mitigation Requirements.

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