Vaccination and booster policy

COVID-19 boosters are required for students and employees. For information on where and how to get vaccinated and receive boosters, visit our Vaccines at UCLA page.

In alignment with UC’s COVID-19 vaccination policy (PDF), UCLA students, faculty, staff and others who work, live or study on campus or at other UCLA facilities need to be fully vaccinated (and up to date on booster shots) — with limited medical exemptions and accommodations based on disabilities or religious beliefs, as well as deferrals for those who are pregnant.


You are considered fully vaccinated when:

  • 14 days have passed since you received a single-dose vaccine or the second dose of a two-dose vaccine.

You are considered up to date on vaccinations when:

You are currently eligible for a booster when:

  • Five months have passed since you received the second dose of a Pfizer–BioNTech, Moderna or other WHO-approved vaccine, or two months have passed since you received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Note: If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you can still receive a booster once your symptoms have cleared and/or you have been released from isolation — there is no need to wait 90 days.

Confirming your vaccination and booster with UCLA

Note on boosters: All students and employees will have 30 days to receive a booster and submit their proof once they become eligible.

  • Enrolled students 
    Students can submit proof by logging into the Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center’s electronic patient portal and clicking on the Medical Clearance section. More information on the verification process and a link to the portal are available on the Ashe Center website. You can privately check your status using the COVID-19 Clearance Portal, which can now also be accessed through the UCLA Mobile app, available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • Employees
    Staff and faculty can confirm their status through UCLA’s online Symptom Monitoring and Vaccination Verification System most easily by giving the university consent to check UCLA Health records and the California vaccination database. (As an additional option, you can upload an image of your CDC vaccination card or non–U.S. equivalent, or upload an official medical record from your health care provider.)

    If you gave consent to check records for your initial vaccination, the survey should automatically update your booster status. If you didn’t, you can give consent for your booster. If your records are not found, the system will provide instructions on how to proceed.

    Employees can privately check their status using the COVID-19 Clearance Portal; supervisors can use the portal to check the status of employees who report directly to them. (The UCLA Mobile app, which is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, now includes access to the Symptom Monitoring System and the Clearance Portal.)
  • UCLA Health employees and those in clinical settings
    UCLA Health personnel and those who work in clinical settings have been given information on how to upload their proof, which will be reviewed by UCLA Occupational Health Services. They should follow the timing and processes outlined in COVID-19 protocols for health care settings.
  • Non-matriculating students
    UCLA Extension students, visiting students and those in executive education programs will receive guidance on how to verify their vaccination status through their program department.
  • K–12 students
    Students age 5 and above who are eligible for vaccinations will receive information from the UCLA Lab School or the Geffen Academy at UCLA about notifying their program of their vaccination status.

Fully remote employees and those returning to campus

If you’re not coming to campus at any point during the term, you will need to update the Symptom Monitoring and Vaccination Verification System; indicate that you will be fully remote so that you’re not flagged for noncompliance with the vaccination policy. If you are fully remote but have already been vaccinated, you should upload proof of your vaccination when filling out the survey.

If you’ve been working remotely but are now returning to campus on a full-time or hybrid basis, you should likewise complete the Symptom Monitoring and Vaccination Verification System survey to indicate your new work status. You will need to upload proof of your vaccination status or request an exception.

Exception requests

In certain limited circumstances, students and employees may be granted a medical exception, an accommodation based on religious beliefs or disabilities, or a deferral based on pregnancy. If you received an initial vaccination but wish to apply for an exception to the booster due to changed circumstances, you may do so.

To request an exemption:

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