Basic health and safety requirements

Symptom monitoring: Before arriving at on-campus offices and workplaces each day, employees are required to complete the Symptom Monitoring Survey. Supervisors and department chairs must check the COVID-19 Clearance Portal daily to make sure that employees who report directly to them have been cleared by the survey to be on campus.

Masks: Well-fitting masks are required at all times while in the office or workplace. Departments will provide free upgraded masks to all staff who request them and can order masks at no cost from the UCLA Emergency PPE Supply Store.

Eating and drinking: Eating and drinking are permitted outdoors and in restaurants, dining facilities or catering venues but are strongly discouraged at indoor meetings and seminars held in departmental spaces. In addition, food and drink should not be consumed in campus workspaces during working hours unless an employee is alone in a cubicle or individual office. Exceptions can be made for hydration or the medically necessary consumption of food or medications as appropriate.

If organizers do plan to serve food and drinks indoors, they should consider reserving a room that is oversized for the number of guests and make sure that attendees who are not up to date on their vaccinations maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others when removing their masks to eat or drink.

Workplace cleanings

UCLA Facilities Management performs cleanings and disinfection of all high-use common areas, restrooms and public spaces throughout campus — including office common areas and restrooms. Details on these cleanings is available here (PDF).

For the cleaning of individual offices, units and departments can purchase cleaning packages through Facilities Management by submitting a facilities service request (please include “COVID” in the FAU project description).

Facilities Management has also installed hand sanitizer stations throughout campus. Individual units and departments are responsible for purchasing their own sanitizer for use in offices and workspaces.

Workplace COVID signage

To help the campus community navigate health and safety regulations related to working, teaching and learning, UCLA has installed relevant signage and messaging in most common and public areas.

For your convenience, you can also access signs and flyers for posting in offices and workplaces here:

When posting materials, please make sure to follow UCLA Departmental Regulations for Posting Signage.

Workplace meetings and remote technology

Because a significant number of employees are likely to be on a hybrid work schedule or completely remote, some offices in which employees are working in person may want to update their conference room audio-visual systems to accommodate those who are off site. UCLA’s IT Services has put together a set of technology recommendations based on room types, sizes and purposes to ease the burden of research and product selection. For more information, please contact IT services at or 310-267-4357.

Dealing with violations of COVID protocols

UCLA is focused on developing of a collaborative community of compliance to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Supervisors and department heads should remember to remind employees to complete the daily Symptom Monitoring Survey, to wear masks at all times in the office and to follow other campus protocols.

There may be times when employees, after being reminded, continue to ignore campus health and safety protocols. If employees demonstrate repeated noncompliance with protocols, a complaint can be made to an employee’s supervisor or unit head. In addition, reports of violations may be made anonymously through UCLA’s whistleblower hotline at 800-403-4744.

A determination will be made whether an employee’s violation was willful or not. Employees with willful violations, repeated violations or violations believed to have resulted in COVID-19 infections will face disciplinary measures up to and including exclusion from campus.

For full details of UCLA’s protocol on compliance and violations, see Compliance With Safety Measures (PDF).

If an employee tests positive for COVID

Employees who test positive for COVID-19 through the UCLA campus surveillance testing program or are identified as a close contact of an infected person will be contacted by campus health officials with information on isolation and quarantine and when it is safe to return to work.

However, if you are experiencing COVID-19–related symptoms, have tested positive outside of UCLA or believe you have been in contact with an infected person, either on or off campus, please follow the instructions below. (If notified by an employee, managers and supervisors should direct the employee to follow these instructions.)

  • Contact the UCLA COVID Call Center at 310-267-3300 or periods in which there is a high volume of inquiries, the wait time for calls to the Call Center may be longer than expected.)
  • The Call Center will provide an individualized assessment, including instructions on isolation, quarantine, further testing and guidance on when it is safe to return to work. (Employees should notify their supervisor of their return-to-work date.)
  • If the COVID-19 incident was work-related and the individual was admitted to the hospital over night for in-patient treatment beyond observation, the employees’ manager or supervisor should contact the UCLA Environment, Health and Safety Serious Injury Hotline at 310-825-9797.

Pivoting to hybrid or remote work

Significant changes in the public health landscape could require UCLA to make changes to work arrangements — including adjusting workplace density or shifting some offices to completely remote work. Our COVID-19 Pivot Plan and Decision Matrix (PDF) describes the criteria that will inform possible changes in our operations.

Recommended COVID-19 resources

For journalists

UCLA faculty members are available for interviews with news media on a wide range of topics related to COVID-19, including public health and epidemiology, virology and vaccines, mental health, education, law, politics and the economy.

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