Voluntary-use N95 respirator training and fit testing classes

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force

Dear Bruin Community:

With the expected easing of UCLA’s masking requirements on April 11 for students, faculty and staff who are up to date on COVID-19 vaccines, we recognize that masking is still an effective strategy to protect against COVID-19.

We want to inform you that we are offering complimentary voluntary-use N95 training sessions including optional respirator fit testing to students, faculty and staff. These trainings are for individuals who want to learn how to properly wear, maintain, store and reuse these respirator-type masks. Please note these trainings are specific to N95 respirators and do not apply to KN95 or other upgraded masks.

Training sessions include the following:

  • How to put on and remove respirators (including seal check)
  • Proper maintenance and storage of respirators
  • Proper reuse policies
  • Completing forms for Voluntary Use of Respirators

Optional Complete Fit Testing:

Those who want a more extensive training may sign up for the optional complete fit test, which is equivalent to the Cal OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 5144, but without certification cards and forms. The session will include checking the proper size and fit of a respirator, and a hooded leak test that includes the use of noxious but harmless fumes.

Requirements and what to expect at the optional complete fit testing sessions:

  • Participants will be required to complete a health screening qualification form and waiver.
  • This is a qualitative test that relies on taste and smell, so we advise no smoking, eating and/or drinking 5-10 minutes beforehand (or rinse out with water). 
  • You may experience a strong taste from the solution used during fit testing and strong smells from the disinfectant used to clean the hoods.
  • Participants will need to have a clean shaven face for the fit test to ensure a proper seal. Facial hair that lies along the sealing area of the respirator, such as beards, sideburns, mustaches, or stubble, must be shaved consistent with CDC and CalOSHA requirements for a proper, tight fit.

Voluntary-Use N95 respirator training with optional complete fit testing (30-minute group classes)

Dates and times:

  • Thursday, March 31
    12–2 p.m.
  • Friday, April 1
    9 a.m.–12 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 5
    8–11 a.m.


UCLA Bradley Hall, Room 300C
417 Charles E Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90095


Sign up for a training session.

Walk-in hours for questions:

These following times are scheduled to answer any questions individuals may have about voluntary-use N95 respirators.

  • Monday, April 4
    10 a.m.–2 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 5
    10 a.m.–2 p.m.

As a reminder, upgraded masks including medical grade surgical masks, KN95 masks and voluntary-use N95 respirators will continue to be made available free of charge to faculty, staff and students through at least the end of spring quarter. Departments can request these supplies via the Emergency PPE Supply Store at no cost.

Additional information on acquiring N95 masks for voluntary use and instructions and required training (PDF) is available on the Emergency PPE Supply Store website.


Michael J. Beck
Administrative Vice Chancellor
Co-chair, COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force

Megan McEvoy
Professor, Institute for Society and Genetics,
     Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Co-chair, COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force

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